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SELECTOR:沖野修也 / 松浦俊夫
TOKYO MOON / Jazz Ain’t Jazz Set
開店以来26年で100万人の動員を誇るThe Room(渋谷)のプロデューサーでもある。
KYOTO JAZZ MASSIVE名義でリリースした「ECLIPSE」は、英国国営放送BBCラジオZUBBチャートで3週連続No.1の座を日本人として初めて射止めた。
著書に『DJ 選曲術』や『クラブ・ジャズ入門』、自伝『職業、DJ、25年』等がある。
2013年11月にはバーニーズ ニューヨーク新宿店で初のイラストレーション展を開催。
2017年6月、ジャズ・プロジェクト、Kyoto Jazz Sextetのセカンド・アルバム『UNITY』をブルーノートより発表。
同年フジ・ロック・フェスティバル~Field Of Hevenステージにも出演を果たす。
2018年10月にスウェーデンのレーベルLocal Talkより「RISING (RON TRENT Remix)/KYOTO JAZZ SEXTET」、11月に「MISSION (JAXX MADICINE REMIX)/KYOTO JAZZ SEXTET」を、更には11月3日には、HMV recordより『You’ve Got To Have Freedom/Mission (Unreleased Version)/KYOTO JAZZ SEXTET』をリリース。
現在、InterFM『JAZZ ain’t Jazz』にて番組ナビゲーターを担当中(毎週日曜日16時)。
有線放送内I-12チャンネルにて”沖野修也 presents Music in The Room”を監修。
GQ JAPANオフィシャル・ブロガー。
Since forming “KYOTO JAZZ MASSIVE” as a DJ unit in the beginning of 90’s, they have built up the Crossover/Jazz Music scene in Japan, and have successful careers overseas.
In 2000 KYOTO JAZZ MASSIVE signed to COMPOST RECORDS in Germany and released their first single “ECLIPSE /SILENT MESSENGER” from the label. After it’s release, the track made number one in the BBC RADIO ONE ZUBB CHART and was highly acclaimed worldwide. In the same year, they released their second single “SUBSTREAM” which was also met with praise.
In 2002 they released their much awaited first album “SPIRIT OF THE SUN” worldwide. The album was a success and is still today one of the most inspirational works to many DJs in the Crossover/Jazz scene.
In 2006 Shuya Okino released his first solo album “UNITED LEGENDS”. He invited ten vocalists and ten producers to contribute to the album for which he composed all tracks. This album is remarkable as it was made by only communicating using Email, this unprecedented technique of making music has made it of special interest to the music scene.
One of his most important works as a music selector is a compilation CD for the stylish design hotel “CLASKA” in Meguro, Tokyo.
Another side of Shuya Okino’s career is as a music writer. He has written a book and is currently working on another on the subject of DJing in the Club Jazz scene. His first book was published in 2005 and is in it’s fourth published edition.
Shuya Okino appeared on iTunes CELEBRITY PLAYLIST and was the first Japanese artist ever to achieve this. He has also selected music for NIKE+iPod and recently produced music for RISONA BANK in TOKYO MID TOWN, Tokyo.
As a DJ, Shuya Okino regularly tours Japan and worldwide. He has played a number of times throughout Europe and America. DJing at THE JAZZ CAFE and NOTTINGHILL ART’S CLUB, London, A.P.T, New York, SOUTHPORT WEEKENDER JAZZ FESTIVAL, FUTURE JAZZ FESTIVAL, Croatia to name a few.
Shuya Okino continues to be an important figure in the Crossover/Jazz scene worldwide and his work is influential and inspirational to many members of the club music world.
1990年、United Future Organization (U.F.O.)を結成。
2013年、現在進行形のジャズを発信するプロジェクトHEXを始動させ、Blue Note
Toshio Matsuura Groupのアルバムをワールドワイド・リリース予定。
InterFM897 “TOKYO MOON”(毎週日曜17:00)
Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide FM ”WW TOKYO” (第1&月曜19:00) 好評オンエア中。
Toshio Matsuura
Founding member of United Future Organization (U.F.O.) which was formed in 1990.
The collective established the beginning of Japanese club culture, and released
5 full albums in 32 countries which gained high reputation in 12 years.
After leaving U.F.O. in 2002, he has continued to play as a solo dj at clubs and festivals
internationally and currently produces events and supervises music for notable fashion brands.
He also has produced many remix works of artist in a wide range of genres,
such as James Brown, Astor Piazzolla, Gotan Project, Melanie De Biasio, etc.
In 2013, he gathered talented and forward-thinking artists based in Tokyo to produce
a project called “HEX,” which presents Tokyo’s progressive form of Jazz to the world.
The debut album “HEX” was released from Blue Note Records worldwide.
Recently, his new project “Toshio Matsuura Group” gathered radical musicians from UK
and album is scheduled to be releasing worldwide in spring 2018.
His radio program “TOKYO MOON” is on air Sunday 17:00-18:00 (Japan) on InterFM897
and “WW TOKYO” 1st & 3rd Monday 10:00-12:00 (UK) on Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide FM.


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