\CITAN 1st Anniversary 開催のお知らせ vol.3/


*English below

「CITAN 1st Anniversary」お知らせ、第3弾です! 3月になり、だいぶ春らしくなってきましたね。前回のお知らせでは”The Week”の内容についてお伝えしましたが、今回は3/24 ”The Day”当日の内容についてご案内いたします。 当日まであと少し!是非お付き合いください。

ーThe Dayー
2018.3.24 (sat)  8:00-25:00(24:30LO)

▼Special Food & Drink by CITAN team
◉Cafe (BERTH coffee)

朝から晩までフードが盛り沢山!朝ご飯は、BEAVER BREADさんとのコラボレーションパン、toco.スタッフによるおにぎりプレート。お昼はオリジナルグルメバーガーにデザート。夜は串焼き串揚げ!!お腹を空かせて是非いらしてください!


▼Workshop & Exhibition
◉デザイナーThriller 諸橋拓実さん

◉イラストレーターTact Satoさん

CITANで取り扱っているシャンプーやコンディショナーはもちろん、The Dayでは化粧水や洗顔などOSAJIのコスメが一同に揃います!

皆さん、お待ちかねのSpecial LiveとGuest DJに関しては、次回!


Hello all!!
Here is our 3rd announcement for CITAN’s 1st birthday!!
This time round, we want to let you know about the fun we have organised for you for “The Day”, the final day, the grand finale, of our anniversary week.

ーThe Dayー
24th of March, 2018 8:00-24:30(25:00LO)

Now for the good stuff.
we will be serving a limited anniversary edition original blend espresso drink; as well as holding a drip coffee workshop, first in first served.

For breakfast, we have the team of Beaver Bread with us creating some CITAN-Beaver Bread collaboration bakery treats, as well as the team from Backpacker Japans OG toco team bringing out some tasty onigiri 🍙
For lunch CITAN’s kitchen will be serving epic hamburgers with dessert.
For dinner, deep fried skewer heaven, kushiage and grilled skewer heaven kushiyaki.

As well as seasonal speciality beers, we will be serving 7 beers on tap, including a very special collaboration beer with the one and only Baird Brewing. Not only that, the team from Baird Brewing will be behind the bar pouring the liquid gold. They are the professionals, and it will be amazing.

Designer and silkscreener Takumi Morohashi aka Thriller will be here. We have a CITAN anniversary design prepared, so if you have any shirts, bags etc you want printed, bring it along!!
Illustrator Tact Sato will also be here, happy to draw your silly face, and make you happy.
Japan organic cosmetic brand OSAJI will also be making an appearance providing testers of their products.

That’s it for now, but stay tuned for updates.
Next we will be releasing the DJ lineup so you can prepare what outfit to wear so you can boogie down accordingly!