We introduce the charm of this town
where old streets and new culture are mixed.

A Town Neighboring Asakusa

Asakusa, one of the most popular areas in Tokyo, is close at hand from Kuramae where ‘Nui.’ is located. Only a 10 minute walk takes you to the front of Kaminarimon gate. In addition to Sensoji temple and Nakamise street, there are also many famous spots where you can experience the tradition of Japan.

Sumida River and Tokyo Sky Tree

As you go up to the levee, it is a great viewing spot for Sumida river and Sky Tree. The river banks are paved for pedestrian and called “Sumidagawa Terrace”, a perfect location for chill-out on a sunny day.

Wholesalers and Craftsmen’s District

Kuramae has flourished as the town of wholesale toys, leather and metals. There are still many ateliers of shoes, bags and wallets of quality thanks to the legacy from the history


There are more than 6 cafés located within walking distance from Nui.One of them is known for the industrial ambience of a renovated warehouse.Some are equipped with roasters in their shops and some keen on bean-to-bar chocolate.Explore the neighborhood and find your favorite one

Charming Local Business

Including Asakusa and Kuramae, the whole area was renowned for leather crafts back in the old days. The spirit of the craftsmanship has been inherited to the local shops and it ranges over stationary, daily product, flower arrangement, food culture today.

Nostalgic Streets

In Kuramae, you can find some good old bookstores and tofu shops and it feels like as if the time has stopped flowing. It is one of the fascinating aspects of the town.