Our bar is not only a great place to have a drink
and a friendly chat with our bartenders
and enjoy a few drinks after work;
take a look around and you’ll see people
from all over coming together for a ‘kampai’,
or guests and locals chatting and having a good time.

Food menu is comprised of dishes
that our chefs consider tasty, filling,
and of course go well with our drink selection.

Our hope is that ‘just dinner’
will become a more fun and enjoyable experience
with the help of the atmosphere
we have created along with our food and drinks.



Vegetable curry 

A Nui kitchen original vegetable curry, void of any animal products. (vegan friendly)

Chicken Namban Plate 

A deep fried chicken with rice dish, a favourite amongst our international guests. Served with Nui original tartar and Namban sauces.

Cheese Platter 

A four cheese cheese platter ( Mimolette, Parmigiano, Camembert, Gorgonzola) that goes well with a drink or two.

Margherita Pizza 

Our Margherita Pizza is made using house made dough as well as house made tomato sauce, making it one of our favourite and tastiest dishes.

Caesar Salad 

Five types of seasonal vegetables with a soft boiled egg on top, dressed liberally with a Nui original Caesar dressing.

Fish & Chips 

Beer battered Sole fish with french fries and thyme, served with original tartar sauce and tomato ketchup. Comes in half or full size accommodating for both individuals and big groups alike.