From Seed to Cup.

Our baristas are proud to take on the responsibility
of presenting top-quality coffee
from our coffee bean providers.

From floral aromas, fresh fruity acidity and sweet flavors
such as honey and caramel
our baristas select beans from all across the continent
>to give our customers exactly what they want.

Depending on the region
which the coffee beans are native to,
there is a broad variety of tastes to be enjoyed.
Whether a light acidic, almost fruity taste,
floral aromas or even sweetness identical
to caramel or honey,
the ways to enjoy coffee are endless.


Freshly Baked Pastries
and Granola for Your Breakfast.

We provide a freshly baked pastries,
homemade granola and so on.
Also, you can order our morning plates (Everyday / Until 11am).

Energize with breakfast to make the best of your morning travels.


Spend Your Time
Relaxing in the Daytime.

After 11:00AM when guests check out,
It’s the most calmest time in the day.

During the afternoon we offer cake and other treats.
Have a reluxing time with cozy atmosphere.

We have lunch time at weekends.